February 6, 2013

newlywed blog hop

linking up with kelly from today was a fairy tale for her newlywed blog hop!
today's topic:
how the mr proposed.
the mr and i started dating on dec. 15, 2007.
on friday february 12, 2010 the mr got down on one knee.
kind of...
i lived here, in our nothern town then & the mr still lived in hometown, mn. so he came to visit on the weekends. we had decided that we weren't going to do valentine's gifts because we both had spent a little more that we planned on for christmas. he sent me flowers at work. aww...
then when he got to my house this is the conversation we had:
mr: do you want your present now or later?
me: what?! we said we weren't doing gifts!
mr: well i got you something anyway. do you want it now or later?
me: umm... now?
then the mr started to get down on one knee
and i started to cry.
his knee was almost to the floor of my living room when he stood back up and said,
just kidding!! why are you crying?
are. you. kidding. me?
did he really just do that?!
he thinks he's hilarious.
fast foward to friday february 11, 2011.
same situation. me in our northern town, the mr in hometown, mn.
he comes up to visit for the weekend.
i was making spaghetti and getting ready to bake muffins but i was out of eggs. so i called him and asked him to stop & get eggs on his way into town.
he showed up with the eggs & flowers for me.
(this makes it sound like he buys me flowers all the time- he does not.)
he asked if i could take a quick break from cooking and come into the living room because he had something to show me.
this is the conversation that followed:
mr: i love you
me: i love you too
mr: forever
me: oh, that's nice
mr starts to get down on one knee
i stop him
me: if you are not serious this is not funny
mr: no, i'm for real this time
mr: and you're the only girl i'll ever love
pulls out a ring box
mr: sarah, will you marry me?
me: yes!!!!
and i cried again. for real this time.
i called my parents and i said "mom, do you want to go wedding dress shopping?" she was so excited. then she put my dad on the phone. he already knew :) the mr had gone to ask him on monday. my dad said that was really my decision but he'd be happy to have the mr in his family. then they had a drink to seal the deal. my mom was so mad that my dad had kept the secret from her.
my engagement ring and wedding band.
why is it so hard to get a good picture of those darn things?!
here's the post that i wrote about getting engaged right after it happened- bonus! you get to see how cute my mr looked when he propsed :)
next week we'll be chatting about my favorite part of wedding planning.
love, mrs. k

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