February 21, 2013

greatful journal

back in january i posted about my 'word of the year'. for 2013 i chose 'thankful' or 'greatful'.
*side note: i always get really close to writing grateful instead! totally different meaning!
i wrote about how the first days of the year had gone well and i shared with you that i basically suck at journaling and writing things down as they happen.
but, this is different. it's one thing a day. well, actually it happens to be lots of things each day, there are lots of things each that that i'm thankful for. and yes, some things are repeats. and no, i don't write down every single thing each day that i'm thankful for, i'd be writing all day everyday.
and here we are on day 52 of 2013 and i have not missed a day. or if i have missed a day, i think back and write it in.
things that i've been thankful for already this year have ranged from fountain diet coke, to doctors that know what they're doing, to kisses from mickey mouse, to safe travels, to great friends, to ikea, to my sister, to the mr for getting my car unstuck and back in our garage, it really goes on and on.
and if i'm being honest, this little book has totally changed my outlook. some days you're getting ready for bed, the day is almost over, and you just feel a little crappy about the day, you're just down about something. forcing yourself to look for something good in your day makes you happier.
i've also used the book to document big things in our life. i've been writing down what days things happened with my new job (phone interview, in person interview, offer, acceptance, etc.). and i've been keeping an account of our baby journey. i'm sure that years from now it will be nice to look back and know how things really went and how we felt about them while we were living these events.
love, mrs. k

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