February 5, 2013


hi friends-
i'm so so so sorry that i have been a space case lately and haven't been around these parts much. but i've been a little pre-occupied with other things. the main one being that the mr and i are moving!! we are leaving our northern town and heading south. kinda. just two hours :) i've accepted a new youth director position at a church in the fargo/moorhead area. we are super excited about this move. we're excited to be closer to friends and family, we're excited to be in a larger/growing community, we're excited for a new adventure that will be ours together (when i moved here we were just boyfriend girlfriend so it was kind of just my adventure). but we i'm sad too. i'm sad to say goodbye to my first big girl job, and my first grown up house. i hurts my heart and tears spring to my eyes everytime i think about saying goodbye to my kids here. i'm scared that we won't like the new place as much as we think we will. hopefully those are all normal feelings...

a few other things were keeping me busy that i never told you about too!
#1- girls weekend!! i got together with some of my girlfriends from high school in the twin cities. oh- what a good weekend, my soul needed that. it was so nice to laugh with them, share good wine & good food, shop, play our music to loud & dance around, watch magic mike :).
and my friends are beautiful so that helps too:
#2- california! every winter, late jan/early feb i get to go to this fun thing called the youth ministry network extravaganza! this year's event just happened to be in anaheim, ca. home of the happiest place on earth :) (the extravaganza and disney did my soul good too!) my friend ashley and i flew from fargo to santa ana on thur jan 24. our flight was delayed by a solid 8 hours because it was to cold to get the plane started. ugh. we eventually made it to cali & the hotel (after almost an hour in an airport super shuttle cab- a litle scary). fri the 25th was disneyland day!!
this is what i wore to disney:
 a set of sparkly minnie mouse ears, a tutu, and micky & minnie bobs :) the man working the ticket gate at disney welcomed us to tutu heaven :)
and this is my friends and i with minnie mouse
yup, 3 tutus. best day ever!! in frontier land they had a man playing the guitar with woody from toy story and he sang us a song, "and a tu tu tu that's six!" disney is hands down the happiest place on earth.
we also went to disney's california adventure on monday night where i got to kiss lightening mcqueen:

also while in cali i experienced some firsts:
my first 7-11 slurpee. tasted just like an icee to me. not sure what all the hype is about. we got these on our way to check out the crystal cathedral- i wish we could've gone inside! that place was amazing!
my first meal at an in-n-out burger. it was good & cheap. but still just a burger. nothing to write home about. but, man, that place was busy!! we got these on our way to see chelsea lately. yup, we were in the live studio audience :) and if i'm being honest, i prefer to watch shows on my tv instead of live. you wait in line a long time then you wait in the studio for a long time, then the show isn't very long, then you're done. but i'm glad that i can say i've been to a live taping now.

overall the second half of january was awesome. now i'm trying to find my new sense of reality as i finish things up in this northern town and prepare to move to another one. hopefully i can find the valve that shuts off these water works for a while!

love, mrs. k


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