January 3, 2013

word of the year?

so there has been all kids of word of the year posts floating about in blog-land. i can't say that this is a trend i've jumped on or even heard of before. but i had guess i had plans for a word of the year before i even saw any of those posts.

it all started with this pin
Pinned Image
it's a journal where you can write something that you're thankful or grateful for each day in 2013. and it's super cute to boot. but i don't have $45 to spend on a cute journal that i may or may not write in all year (i'm terrible at journals!). so i set out to the local wal*mart to see if i could find a subsitute journal that would be easier on my wallet.
hello gorgeous!

i opted for the smash book with the pink binding and the flower pattern pressed into the cover. cost? a whopping $12. much more my style. all of the pages are different, it's not just a regular notebook.


the book comes with a black pen/glue stick (pen on one end, glue stick on the other). i bought a pink pen/glue stick because there are some pages that are darker and who doesn't like a pink pen? i also got the calendar inserts to glue in:
that way i can look back at what we were doing if i want
and i got a stretchy thing to go around my book to keep it closed and hold onto my extra pens:

the first two days of 2013 have been good. i've had something to write each night (i even made the mr throw his 2 cents in on Jan. 1!). hopefully i will stick with this and look for the good things in my life. it's so easy to focus on the bad things and to only look at the things that are going wrong in our lives. so this year my word is grateful. i'm going to focus on being more grateful for things i have, and not focus on what i don't have or what goes wrong.
love, mrs. k

i did not get compensated for this post- all thougths & ideas are my own

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