April 10, 2012

Holy Week Recovery...

Hey friends!

I'm so sorry that I haven't checked in with you guys in almost 2 weeks! I'm not a fan of making excueses but, I'm the director of youth and family ministry at our church (yes, that is my full time job) and last week was holy week. Which means is was the week between Palm Sunday and Easter, which is the busiest week of the whole year at church. And my business actually started the Thursday before, on March 29th. I went to my parent's house for my sister's 22 birthday :) Yay for birthday celebrations! Then on Friday the 30th I headed out to our synod's annual gathering for Sr Hi youth, so much fun but so tiring. Then it was back to this northern town that we call home on Sunday night. And Monday morning the Holy Week craziness started. I had groceries to buy, a traditional Passover Seder Meal to oversee, a National Youth Gathering meeting to hold, a youth and Christian Ed board meeting to attend, 1st communion worship on Maundy Thursday, an Easter breakfast to prep, an Easter sunrise service to run, and I had to figure out how to make Easter dinner since the Mr and I didn't go home this year.

But it was good. I love when there are lots of people at church. It makes the time go faster and I love being a part of milestones with families.

Like I said, the Mr and I didn't go home for Easter. This is my 3rd Easter at the church at that I work at. The past 2 years we've gone to the Sunrise Service (6:30 am) here and then headed home to go to church with my family at 11. But that was when the Mr lived in the same town as both sets of our parents. And when he worked in that town too. But my parents weren't planning on having dinner til almost 5 and the Mr had to be back here to work by 7 on Monday morning. It just seemed way to rushed. So we stayed here. I made ham and cheesy potatos. We have lots of leftovers and we'll be eating it all week. But it was (and is) good. And I feel grown up.

How was your Easter?
Love, Mrs. K

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