April 26, 2012

Movies, fingernails, and sleepless nights...

For the first time in our marriage one of us slept on the couch.

And it wasn't the Mr.

At 2 o'clock this morning I gave up on trying to fall asleep in bed. I had been laying there awake for 3 hours, the TV had been off for 2. I tried reading. I tried looking at facebook on my phone, I tried counting, I tried laying there with my eyes closed thinking about nothing. Nope, didn't work. So at 2 am I went to the couch and put the TV I watched at least a half our of TV. Then the next thing I remember is the Mr waking me up at 7 when he was leaving for woke asking me if he had hogged the bed that bad? What? No, I just couldn't sleep.

This situation solidifies that I am my father's daughter (if there was ever any doubt!). There are many mornings at my parents house where you'll find my dad on the couch with the TV on. He falls asleep in their bed, wakes up in the middle of the night, can't fall asleep again so he goes to the couch. Amazing how we are so similar to our parents :)


This past Sunday I went to see Titanic in 3D. So good. The Mr had no desire to see it with me so I went with a lady from church. We made a day of it, afer church she picked me up, we went to Crookston to pick up her daughter from college then off to Grand Forks. We went to the Olive Garden for lunch, then to Target quick (I feel like those 2 words shouldn't go together- it's never quick to go to Target!), then to the boys & girls club to drop off left overs from our rummage sale, then to the movie. It was so good!!! I loved it as much as I did the first time I saw it. After the movie we were talking about the first time it came out. Cammy (the lady from church) was pretty sure that it had been 15 years since it came out. That would mean I was 10 the first time it was in theaters. All I could think was, "Would my mother really let her 10 year and her 2 friends go see that movie by themselves?" So I googled it, sure enough it came out in 1997, so yes, my mother let her 10. I called to ask her about it. She said we could have the conversation again when I have my own 10 year old daughter. Then she asked me if I was going to call my friend's mom and yell at her too.

I don't think I've seen the movie in it's entirety since my 10 year old self saw it in the movie theater. There were so many things that I forgot!! And there were so many things that hit me differently now that I'm older. Like when they're getting in the life boats and the mother says "Well I hope the boats aren't too crowded." I was stunned. Then I found myself wondering what side of that statement I would be on. My family is by no means "upper-class" but we're also not "steerage" (that term didn't sit well with me any time they used it in the movie). Would I be worried about being crowded? Or would I want as many people as possible in the boat?? I'd like to think I'd want as many people as possible in the boat, but I also like to be comfortable.

There were certain parts of the movie that made me cry, just like last time. I cry when you see the old couple in the bed together as the water is rushing under their bed, I cry when the china falls off of the shelves, I cry when the captain goes down with his ship and all the windows break, and I cry when Rose lets go (of Jack and the diamond). Even though it makes me cry, I love it.


Ever since our wedding I've had my nails done. I go to a salon in my hometown because it's super cheap. Srsly- $15 to get them filled and airbrushed!! What?!? But my hometown is 100 miles away from where I live now. So the last time I had them filled was March 16th. I had them filled and had the french tip airbrushed on.

Well, during Holy Week I wore my new black maxi dress one day and I found myself having to hold it up when I walk. Since it was new, it had never been washed. Because of this my pretty white tip nails, my white watch, and my wrist were all black. Gah! So I filed down the top layer of nail polish, used some remover and got rid of the black residue. Then I used my nail polish pen and painted on new white tips. Well that didn't last too long, they wore off :( So last week I took the polish off all together, filed them down cuz they were getting kind of long and left them naked. Until yesterday.

I have seen ads for this stuff all over the place and was dying to try it
It's Sally Hansen Salon Effects nail strips. Awesome! I got the gold sparkle (the silver and pink sparkle can be seen here on the top row). It's a little much for everyday wear. I was hoping for the pink sparkle the multi sparkle or a solid color but no such luck at my Wal*Mart. My total cost was $9.08. Once I figured out what I was doing it was super easy! I don't think I would go with a design like the butterflies or the houndstooth where you'd be able to tell if they were stretched out because the directions do tell you to stretch it a little to get it to sit right on your nail. But with the sparkles or a solid color you don't have to worry about that! And you can hardly tell where my nail has grown out!

I will for sure be using these to prolong my salon visits!

Love, Mrs. K

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