February 1, 2012

Picture A Day

I've seen a couple different things on pinterest and youtube where people have taken a picture a day for a whole year (or longer) and I always thought the idea was cool. But I just couldn't get on board with it. I always thought, what would I take pictures of? My day to day life is pretty boring and it's the same thing over and over. But then I saw this on pinterest last week:
Starting this tomorrow!
Now, this I can get on board with. A photo a day for a month? No problem since February is the shortest month and they give me something to take a picture of every day. Whoop whoop!!

So here we go with Day #1: My view today:

I'm at church today so my view is my very messy desk. What can I say? I'm a youth director who eats lunch at her desk on Wednesday (those would be my left overs for dinner in the Subway bag), who is taking 30 kids to New Orleans this summer, who is also working on calendar planning, who takes her watch off cuz it gets hot and sweaty and itchy (stupid rubber wrist band), who also has suckers in her office for kids when they come visit.
And yes, I did stand on my office chair to take this picture which was probs not the best/safest idea.

So there you have my day #1. Wish me luck on keeping up with this!!

Love, Mrs. K

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