February 17, 2012


For Valentine's day my mom sent us a card for her daughter and "son". Isn't she cute?
She also sent us money so we could go out to dinner. Well we decided we didn't want to go out on Tuesday night. I had just gotten home and I really didn't want to eat out any more. So we cooked at home for Valentines. Heart shaped bacon blue cheese burgers. We're so cool :)

So, since we didn't go out on Tuesday and my mom sent us money we decided to go out last night. We went to one of our favorite places in our northern town. We ordered our favorite appetizer, salmon artichoke dip. Yumm-O! It comes with these toasted baugette slices... seriously so good. But last night it came with these weird half circle flat bread things :( Not so good. I ordered a side ceaser with garlic bread and a bowl of beer cheese soup. The ceaser normally comes with toasty french bread slices that have a little crunch to them, not last night. I got garlic bread like you can buy in the freezer section and make in the oven at home. And my beer cheese soup came with burnt popcorn on top and no crackers. So not impressed. The Mr got the cajun chicken sandwich which was good, but they changed their french fries. He still ate them, so they must not have been too bad.

Now, I understand that they need to do what's best for their business and they need to make smart decisions about which foods to carry, which foods make them money, etc. My mother runs a bar and resutrant, I understand these things. But seriously- don't change so many things at once!! Especially so many good things! We'll probably go back because there aren't that many resutrants in this northern town, but it will be a while before we go back.

Love, Mrs. K

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