April 22, 2013


like i told you on friday- my friend kelly is hosting a giveaway this week!!
you should go enter right now! srsly- there aren't a ton of enteries yet so your chances are super good!
here's what i'm giving away as part of the prize package:
a coffee cup cozie
these are reuseable/green versions of the cardboard thingy you get around your coffee when you go to a coffee shop. they are all reverable, have a button closure, and are made with the same material as hot pads so that your beverage will stay warm (or cold) and your hand won't get warm (or wet).
a color block infinity scarf
these scarves are made out of jersey knit fabric so they feel like your favorite tshirt. they can be wrapped around three times for fashion or four times for warmth.
note- the scarf for the giveaway is gray with white lace not gray with pink as pictured.
ok, now go enter the giveaway if you haven't.
and even if you don't enter you should check out kelly's blog anyway- it's super cute.
love, mrs. k

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