April 22, 2013

hey! that's pintastic!

hi friends!!
i'm back with some pintastic projects for you!
up first is my office chair.
when i started at my new church (almost two months ago already!!!) i got a new (to me) chair.
and it wasn't pretty.
not terrible, but it was an eye sore.
first i got out my screwdriver and took off the arms

while doing that i discovered that the back and the bottom were two seperate pieces!
so then i took them apart. it was easier to cover it that way but it was harder to get back together than i thought it would be.
i still don't think i have it on just right.
i recovered the bottom first. i laid it upside down on my fabric of choice.
so i laid the fabric on the floor first- pretty side on the floor, inside/dull side facing the ceiling. then i put the bottom of the chair on the fabric, wheels up in the air. i centered the chair on the fabric.
then i pulled the fabirc taught and stapled it to the bottom of the chair.
i start with the part of the chair that faces 'forward' or the part that is under my thighs when i'm sitting down. i started in the middle and worked my way out.
next i did the back, or the part where the back of the chair attaches.
this is where i went wrong. i should've cut the fabric back and left holes where the back of the chair would reattch so i could find those spots easier. i didn't.
bottom of my chair with it's pretty pink chevron fabric :)
then i did the back of the chair which was trickier.
there is kind of a lip on the top of the back of my chair. you can kind of see it in this picture
see how it's kind of curved?
i cut the fabric so i had about a 3 inch allowance on either side of the chair.
then i started underneath that lip and went up over the top of the chair. i stapled all the way across the bottom of that lip.
then i was able to just wrap the fabric around the bottom and come back up the back to the lip.
i cut the extra fabric off then flipped it under so you couldn't see the exposed edge and stapled it to the bottom of the lip again.
then edges were a little more difficult. i had a hard time finding something to staple into.
so i kept folding and pushing the fabric and stuffing around until i could find a place to staple to.
not a good explanation, i know. and i'm sorry.
but here's the finished product:
so much better!
i haven't put the arms back on yet- and i'm not sure if i will or not. i kind of like it this way.
now, i just need to find a couch or two for my office too!!
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inspired by this pin // this website
also, this pin may be the single most useful one i've ever pinned
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i can't even count how many times i've made this- and it never lasts for more than a few days in our house. so so so good!!
love, mrs. k


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