May 15, 2012

TV Junkie

This show's first episode aired the fall of my senior year of high school:
I fell in love. My friends and I would get together every Sunday night out at Tasha's house to watch it. It was 'our thing'. Then I went to college. I wasn't as good about watching Season 2. But my roomie and I watched Season 1 on DVD after I got it for Christmas. It slowly faded out of my life, now I haven't watched it for years, at least since I moved to this northern town almost 3 years ago. But Sunday night I felt compelled to watch. It was the last episode EVER. I had to watch. And even though I haven't seen the show for a while, I still cried. I cried when Mrs. Mcklusky died, I cried when the main characters said that they would take care of her so that she could stay home with Ben. I cried when Susan drove down the street for the last time (BTW- who was the little boy in the car with them??). And then, like any good show, they left us hanging even on the last episode. The new girl that moved into Susan's house has deep dark secrets that she is going to try and keep locked up. Seriously? You have to make the SERIES finale a hanger??

Then last night one of my favorites came back :)

I missed the first house because I was at the high school choir concert but I saw the 2nd hour and the clips for the season- looks like it's going to be good!! I'm excited to watch the first half online so I can see how all of the guys introduced themselves- I'll give you my notes later. I really hope that Emily is more fun to watch than Ashley or Ben were. I just couldn't get into either of their seasons.

Love, Mrs. K

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