January 2, 2013

happy new year!!

Happy New Year!!
i'm spending the day at home with the mr.
i'm happily crafting :) and taking christmas down :(
i've never been much of a resolutions girl. i'm terrible at keeping them.
but this year feels different.
i've decided that in 2013 i want to think more about what we actually need verses what we think we need and try to tackle some of the clutter in our lives. my closet made me think about this. i asked for new hangers for christmas. then i counted a realised that i would need 125 hangers. why on earth do i have so many clothes? i got 25 hangers from the mr, 25 from a gift card, and i get to buy 15-20 from each pay check until i have enough. i decided that 100 will be enough. so my closet will have 100 hangers, if i get a new shirt, an old one has to go. and i don't mean go to a dresser drawer, i mean go, gone forever.
the mr and i would also like to start a family this year. no, we have nothing to announce.
but that got me thinking too.
thinking about the choices that we make regarding what (and how much) we eat and drink. now, i'm not going to make some redic resolution to lose weight, and some lofty goal, or to say that i'll never enjoy a glass of wine (or beer for the mr) again. but i am saying that the mr and i both need to make healthier choices and i think 2013 is the year to do that.
hope you had a great new years!
love, mrs. k

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  1. I wish I could get my hubby to commit to some kind of plan for the closet. our closet is packed to the max and 75% of the cloths in there are his. He's always brining new stuff home. However, I'm with you on the eating healthier thing. I have a friend getting married within the next year and a half and we want to start a family sometime in the next two years so I could loose a little weight too.