January 8, 2013

TV Tuesday!

hi friends! i decided to start a new weekly link up where we can talk about our favorite tv shows. after watch twitter blowup during the bachelor, teen mom and catfish last night i thought blogging about it might be fun too.

**if anyone would like to make a button to fit here that would be great! i still can't figure it out :(
on sun night the mr and i watched "here comes honey boo boo" (against the mr's will). i laugh the whole time. seriously.  when they dyed mama june's hair blonde? hahah!!
she is so funny!! and i can not believe how different she looks. just sayin...
but, whats up with the aversion to mayo? really? what babysitter feeds the kids mayo samiches? and why are the older girls calling is maraneise?
last night monday nights became tv night in my house. the bachelor, teen mom 2, catfish. 4 solid hours of tv. good god- what's wrong with me?! in my defense i watched in my craft room and worked on projects while i watched so i didn't just sit on my big be-hind the whole time!
up first: the bachelor
sean lowe is one good looking man! sorry hunny!! i may or may not have started following him on twitter last night :)
highlights- ackward advice from Arie. what was that? do you think they're really friends or did abc set that up?
50 shades of gray girl. i don't think i would have let abc film me reading that book in my bed. and i about died when she pulled a tie out of her dress!!
wedding dress girl- are you for real? i can not believe he didn't send you packing right away!
tierra- so cute that he gave you a rose right away :) and then that he apologized on twitter for throwing you to the wolves with that move.
speaking of roses- what was up with handing them out all night and not just at the ceremony? and the girls were so serious about the first impresson rose- why does it matter? you either got a rose or you didn't.
then- teen mom 2
train wreck every. single. week. yet, i watch anyway.
really chelsey- you asked your dad if he expects you to have a job while you're in beauty school? probs not because you don't have one now! for real- how does that girl pay for everything? or anything for that matter? thank god adam didn't show up in this episode.
leah- girlfriend just needs to keep it in her pants and be a single mom for a while. like when she told jeremy about corey wanting her back- why coulnd't they have been sitting on the couch or at the table? why did they have to lay in bed? i wish that she and corey could work it out (i know they won't) because i hate when families break up.
jenelle- good for you that you're trying to spend more time with jace. bad for you that you moved in with a boy to fast. seems like we have a speedy theme around here ladies. and why must you yell at your mom everytime you talk to her? i get it she's abbrasive. but couldn't you just say, 'sorry mom, i really don't feel good, i know it isn't fair to jace but i can't go to the zoo today, i need to stay close to the toilet.' nope, instead it's an all out yelling match.
and caitlyn- this episode was pretty quiet for you. we didn't get to see any ugly cries, we didn't have a heart wrenching choice between joe and jordan (yet again). you went to austin and had fun with your family. good for you.
then, to finish off the night. catfish.

i don't know what it is about this show that hooked me. but every week, i watch.
this week we got to meet joe, who thought he was in love with miss teen usa 2003.
all along max thought the girl was to good to be true, but nev was pulling for 'average joe'. i'll admit, i was fooled too- after they talked to the friend, the agent, and the way she reacted to them on the phone. i thought she was for real.
turned out to be a friend from high school that is 'addicted' to having fake facebook profiles and starting ficitional relationships with people. woah!! how do people do that? i just don't understand.
and later this week i'm looking forward to nbc's new show 1600 Penn
this show looks so funny! i love the commercial where the daughter is talking to the boyfriend and she says 'member that time we played one on one without a goalie and we bowled a strike?' hahah!! so funny! i'm also excited that it's on tv on thur nights. abc has tons of great shows that are on tv on wed nights- that doesn't work for me when i'm at church til 9:30-10 o'clock. so i'm pumped about a good show on thur!! check back next week to see if 1600 Penn lives up to my expectataions!!
link up and dish about your favorite shows this week!!

love, mrs. k

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  1. I just love Sean Lowe! I followed him on Twitter after the Bachelorette! lol I have last nights episode on my DVR and can't wait to watch it!! I can help you make a button for this if you want. Just give me a general idea of what you want it to look like.