January 7, 2013

hey! that's pin-tastic! homemade christmas edition

i love you more than carrots
this christmas i was on a homemade gift kick.
i totally blame pinterest.
for my family (mom, dad, husby, sister, sister's boyfriend) i've always wanted to have matching pj's for christmas morning. i just think it's the cutest thing. so when i found this pin for pj pants i was beside myself excited. who knew it would be so easy to make pants?!
but then i couldn't find the 'right' flannel fabric at JoAnn Fabrics. i found some that i liked but i wanted a boy print and a girl print the coordinated but weren't the same. fail.
then i found this fabric:
except in blue. it's beer glasses, mugs, and bottles.
perfect for the boys in our family- beer is by far the drink of choice.
so then the girls got this:
light blue with snowflakes.
i had everyone open this present first. and no one put their pants on. so much for cute matching pj's on christmas morning. probs doesn't help that we didn't open gifts until 1 in the afternoon on christmas day. sucks to grow up. but you just wait until the mr and i have babies- i'll get my matching christmas jammies someday!!
then i made my sister a giraff print infinty scarf. girl is obsessed with giraff print. not leopard. or cheeta. has to be giraff.
and i made two of these
Pinned Image
one for my mom and one for my mother in law.
but i painted mine on canvas instead of making it on the computer.
for my mother in law
for my mom
the sides of the tree trunk are the grandparents
the branches on the tree are the parents
the leaves are the spouses, children, and great grand children (there's only 1 great grandchild, #2 will be here in march tho!!)
the hearts are between people that are married.
i'm in love.
these may be my favorite gifts that i've ever given.
i also got a pretty great homemade/pinterest inspired advent gift as a part of the advent calendar swap that i co hosted:
it came in a big fedex box- so fun to see this sitting on my doorstep :)
then i opened it to see this from kelly:
and a sweet note
i hung it up right away and waited for cards to come fill it up:
and my friends and family did not disappoint
if you want to see how kelly made it you can check out her post, here.
i love it!! so fun.
love, mrs. k

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  1. I'm impressed you made pj pants for everyone! I love matching pjs on Christmas (or any other holiday with my littles!) but we bought their matching pjs - I don't sew to make them.

    Love love the family trees!