June 19, 2012

I did it...

I took the plunge and I ordered my Chacos.
I went ahead and ordered them in plain black instead of a color, that way I can wear them with lots of things. Hopefully they fit right when they get here!!
Now I'll just need to break them in before I leave for New Orleans in 24 days!!!!

Since I got free shipping on Amazon.com yesterday I also ordered these cuties:
They're BOBS not TOMS but that's ok. And they won't stay solid red for long. They're going to look like this when I'm done:
Or maybe this, I haven't decided:
I do like the bow that the 2nd pair has for Minnie.
I'm so excited!!!
I'm going to have to practice my painting skills with fabric paint to I can get the circles just right.
Then I can wear them to DisneyLand in January and hopefully DisneyWorld in February.

Yes, you read that right, lots of Disney for me next winter. My annual continuing eduation conference is in Anaheim in January and we're going on a family vacation in February. Nothings been nailed down for family vaca yet but there was talk of a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico and I'm pushing for leaving out of Orlando for that so I can go to Disney before we go cruising. Fingers crossed :)

Love, Mrs. K

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